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Балканско първенство за ветерани 2014 – в Охрид, Македония

Балканският шампионат по бадминтон за ветерани тази година ще се проведе в Охрид в периода 11-14 септември.
Заявките за СК Ракетлон се приемат от Христо Ишков в срок до 31.07 (моля за коректност, тъй като, както виждате, вече сме извън крайния срок 🙂 )
Ето и извадка от официалното писмо от македонската федерация:

„This year Macedona will be the host of the Balkan SENIOR Championship 2014 that is to be held in the town of Ohrid in the period from 11-14 September. The town of Ohrid, as many of you know, is the most beautiful city by the Ohrid Lake in Macedonia, especially in September.
In that regard, Macedonian Badminton Federation already made a certain arrangements in some hotels being located in the very center of the town near by the Sport Hall. Baring in mind that there is not a single hotel which has capacity to host all the participants and guests, as for proper planning of the details related to accommodation, we would most kindly ask you to send us the minimum number of participants (and their competing disciplines and age categories) from your country not later than 30 June 2014. Of course, this does not mean that later the number of participants can be increased.
Also, as for your information, the arrival date is 10 September. After the arrival of all representatives, at the evening the Technical Meeting will be organized. The competition starts 11-th September at 10.00 am.
The package for every participant will cost 30 EUR. The package comprise: accommodation and full board (as for technical and reasons related to timing of the competitions, our proposal is for lunch to have sandwiches in the Hall) per day per participant. „

А тук може да видите и наредбата за турнира:



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