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To the attention of everyone who wants to play badminton in Varna.

liubiteli veterani sport badminton trenirovki varna

Badminton Club Raketlon trains in Mladost Hall, Sector C, in the Palace of Culture and Sports.
Map and Photos: Google Map, Satellite, Sector C

We have badminton trainings in the following days:
16:00-17:00 | 17:00-18:00 | 18:00-19:00 | 19:00-20:00
18:30 – 20:00
16:00-17:00 | 17:00-18:00 | 18:00-19:00 | 19:00-20:00
11:00-12:00 | 12:00-13:00
11:00-12:00 | 12:00-13:00

You can book a court via WhatsApp/Viber on: +359888502461
Price per hour 26 BGN , only on Wednesday 36 BGN for one and a half hour (for students only: 1h – 24lv, one and a half hour – 30lv).
The price includes rackets and shuttles (plastic), you are required to play in the hall with clean sneakers ONLY.
A maximum of 6 competitors are allowed per reserved court!
Cancellations can be made not later than 12 hours before the check-in time.

➡️ You are required to play in the hall with clean sneakers ONLY!
Thank you!

For current information and updates in the schedule, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram ,Twitter, TikTok
If you are student in medicine at MU, you can join the badminton group of MU at Whatsapp. https://chat.whatsapp.com/Bk85C42ApQjDTKamVnXeCR

To the attention of all who want to improve their badminton skills!


Since the beginning of the year SC Raketlon has one more coach. – Dimitar Nenchev. He’s a Champion of Bulgaria for youth in doubles and singles and is a player from one of the largest badminton centers in our country – Stara Zagora.
With him you can improve the technique for all shots, correct running in court, as well as tactics in singles, doubles or mixed disciplines.
Dimitar is fluent in English and French.

Individual trainings:
1 player – 46 BGN
2 players – 56 BGN

Single / doubles / mix sparring: 46 BGN
The prices include the court fee.



Due to the frequent inquiries, we post the information here, so everyone can see it:

In Bulgaria there is an Amateur Badminton Tournament League under the auspices of the Bulgarian Badminton Federation in which anyone can play.
The levels are 4:
Level 1 – former players and young active players
Level 2 – 13-19 years old players and veterans.
Level 3 – amateurs above the average level
Level 4 – amateurs

Anyone can sign up where they want, but as a beginners we suggest you sign up for level 3 or 4 and after the first tournament you will have a clear idea which group is most suitable for you.
Players can sign up for all disciplines – Singles / Doubles / XD, or can choose only some of them.

The tournament is played in Round Robins, which provides at least 2-3 matches in each discipline, first two from the group continue to the next stage – quarter or semifinal, depending on the number of participants in the discipline / level.

The organizers provide plastic shuttles, but you can bring and play with feather ones.
Each tournament has an entrance fee – 25 BGN ( for one or two disciplines), or 30 BGN (per three disciplines), which is paid on the spot at the beginning of the tournament.

Badminton Tournaments @ 2023

24-26 February – Galabovo
07-09 April – Gabrovo
19-21 May – Plovdiv
23-25 June – Haskovo
28.30 July – Samokov
25-27 August – Burgas
22-24 September- Ruse

The tournaments are usually played 3 days: Friday / Saturday / Sunday.
The application for a tournament should be submitted to e-mail: bgveriga2013@gmail.com or at: https://badminton-bgliga.alle.bg/nachalo/zaqvka/ (names of player and disciplines, which he/she wants to participate in)

Tournament League’s website: https://badminton-bgliga.alle.bg (use https://translate.google.com/)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nivbadminton

You can find accommodation through Booking.com

отстъпка за баболат

We often receive questions about rackets, feathers and badminton shoes from some of you.
Our club Raketlon uses Babolat equipment and over the years they have proven themselves as a quality global brand!

This is the site for Bulgaria.

There is no English version, so you can use this link:

If you want to buy something from the site, use our couponraketlon“ for your order, it gives most of the items a discount of -20%.

You can send the order to the address of our hall and you will pick it up when it is convenient for you on the days when we have training.
You can pay by card or when you come to the hall.
bul. Kniaz Boris I, 115, sport-hall Mladost, sector C.